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Are Guusto gifts a taxable benefit?
Are Guusto gifts a taxable benefit?

Tax implications for employees receiving gift cards

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Let us preface by saying you should consult your finance or accounting team for tax advice.

That said, any physical or digital gift card from an employer is usually considered a taxable benefit, just like a cash bonus. 

For example, if you receive a $100 gift card, and your marginal tax rate is 30%, then $30 would be deducted from your paycheque. 

While nobody likes paying taxes, we believe that it's way better getting a gift card than getting no recognition for your efforts, or even worse, some gift you don't really want that still triggers a tax deduction.

Of course, claiming a Guusto gift is optional. It is only considered a taxable benefit once claimed, so you never get taxed on gifts you don't claim.

If for any reason, you prefer not to receive monetary rewards, or have further questions, please reach out internally and contact your program administrator.

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