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How do I load a list of Recipient Notes for my Team Members?
How do I load a list of Recipient Notes for my Team Members?
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You can load a list of Recipient Notes (e.g. department, biz unit) for your Team Members to select from when Buying Gifts. These Selected Notes are not visible to recipients, but attached to each gift sent to help you track in reporting.

1. Navigate to Teams

2. Select Teams and then Settings

3. In the drop-down menu in the header, select your desired Team, then select Internal Notes

4. Enter a Recipient Note (ie: department, biz unit) and click add to add it to your list of Recipient Notes. You can also edit or remove a Recipient Note using the edit pencil or x.

5. You can mandate that Team Members select a Recipient Note, and whether to include 'Other' as a selection option. Make sure to save your changes.

6. Navigate to Send Gifts > Enter Order Details > Next Step - Delivery & Recipients. You will now see your List of Recipient Notes in a drop-down menu (note: you can still enter custom notes below the Select Note drop down).

7. After sending gifts, navigate to Teams > Manage Gifting > Order History, to see all Selected Notes and Custom Notes for each gift under its respective column. Make sure to scroll all the way to the right!

8. Optional - Click Export in the top right-hand corner to access all the Selected Notes and data associated with your gifts in a convenient .csv file.

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