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How do I update & maintain a large list of Team Members?
How do I update & maintain a large list of Team Members?

Upload List Override

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If you have a large Team and don't want to manually add/delete people as they join or leave your company, we recommend a monthly Upload List Override. This allows you to import your employees from an HR system (e.g. ADP, Ultimate Software, Workday, Bamboo) without a direct integration.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Navigate to Teams

2. In the sub-menu, select Manage Members

3. In the drop-down menu in the header, select your desired Team

4. Select Upload List

5. Download the .CSV TEMPLATE

6. Open your HR system and export your list of employees that you would like to be Guusto Team Members

7. Copy the desired data (e.g. Employee #, Employee Name, Employee Email) from your exported HR system file. First name, last name, and email are required fields.

8. Paste the desired data into the appropriate columns of the Guusto .CSV TEMPLATE (note that you can leave optional fields blank, and they will remain the same for existing Team Members , or set as default for new Team Members)

9. Save and upload the updated .CSV file

10. Select upload type as Override existing Team with a new list

11. Review how many members will be overridden, then click Confirm


  • If an Employee # or Email Address in your uploaded CSV file matches an existing Team Member, they will be updated with any new data from your CSV file.

  • Otherwise, a new Team Member will be added.

  • Any existing Team Members not listed in your uploaded CSV file will be deactivated (if they have past account activity, you don't want to lose it) or deleted (if they have no past account activity).


  • You can export your current list of Team Members from the Member Settings page, paste in any new data, and then Upload Override to get all the new data loaded at once.

  • All Reports must be formatted as a .CSV

  • If your users have special characters in their names, such as "é" or "ü", your file must be sent in a CSV UTF-8 encoded format for those characters to be uploaded to Guusto as they are saved in your HRIS.

  • Complete files must be provided in full each time. Meaning each time a file is transferred complete employee data is provided for all employees who are expected to be on your Guusto team.

    • This ensures that the Guusto system can account for terminated employees and reporting hierarchies.

  • The Column headers in your HRIS report must match the exact text found in the sample data above.

  • Only the employees who are expected to be Guusto team members should appear on this report.

    • Any terminated employees , employees on leave or employees who are not expected to participate in your recognition program employees should be omitted from the file.

  • Any additional data you wish to include in your program can be input into the additional data field columns.

    • This is includes any data you wish to include in reporting and data you

  • If you have multiple Guusto teams and require different employees to be on each team a separate report must be created for each.

    • Only the employees who are expected to be on each team should appear in their respective report.


In the very rare case that your uploaded CSV file is trying to swap Employee Numbers and Emails for a few existing Team Members, you will run into an error.

For example, if your existing Team has:

Employee #45, [email protected]
Employee #46, [email protected]
Employee #47, [email protected]

And your uploaded CSV file has:

Employee #45, [email protected]
Employee #46, [email protected]
Employee #47, [email protected]

Simply Contact Us, as we'd be happy to help.

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