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This article serves as a detailed reference guide for all the fields that can be found throughout the Order page and the Delivery & Recipients page in the Send Gifts section.

Order Details

Gift Details -

  • Gift Item indicates the type of gift you'd like to provide (Guusto Card is the most flexible, see where each can be redeemed).

  • Merchant can be selected, but most users leave it as "Any Partner Merchant" to allow the recipient to choose the merchant.

  • Number of Gifts can be 1-1000 gifts on any order.

  • Gift Value can be any whole number value between $5 - $10000 inclusive(merchants offer a minimum redemption value of $5, recipient can split their gift across multiple merchants).

  • Claim Period allows you to set a period during which the gift must be claimed before it is automatically cancelled and fully credited back to the gift sender's account balance.

  • Must Pay-It-Forward, if toggled on, will mandate that the initial gift recipient pass the gift to someone else(learn how you can track who claims the gift).

Personalization -

  • Sender name allows you to customize the From name that appears on the gift that is being sent out.

  • Reason allows you to select a reason from the dropdown menu for the gift that you're sending out.

  • Message will let you customize the message that appears on the gift, or you can choose from some default messages saved in your Personal Settings or your Team settings.

  • Image will default to your Profile photo, but you can load a different one.

Recipient Details

Recipient Info -

  • Full Name - Gift recipient's first and last name.

  • Recipient Email - The email address at which the gift recipient will receive their gift.

  • Recipient Cellphone # - The cellphone number at which the gift recipient will receive their gift.

Notes - allows you to make any notes about the recipient (like their department or business unit for expense tracking). These will not be visible to the recipient.

Delivery Date - you can schedule each gift for a different date, or leave this field at the default value to deliver your gift immediately.

Notify Manager - enter the email addresses of the managers you wish to notify.

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