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Note: Automation is an Essential Tier feature. Please contact the Guusto team to upgrade your account or learn more.

Automated awards help make your employees feel appreciated on their service milestones and birthdays!

Never miss a milestone with manager notifications and automated shoutouts and gifts.

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Set Up

Automated awards are created from the Teams menu drop down > Settings > Automated Awards Tab.


Depending on the award type selected during setup recipients will either receive a Gift or a Shoutout. The award sent to recipients will look like a custom banner over the standard gift or shoutout email template.

Recipients will receive their automated award at 1:00 AM PST on the date of their birthday, onboarding milestone, or work anniversary.

Automated awards use inputs from the automated award set up modal to display unique banner messages:

  • Birthday awards: “Happy{Award Category}, {Recipient Name}”

  • Work Anniversaries “Happy {Award Interval} - {Award Interval Type} {Award Category}, {Recipient Name}”

  • Onboarding Milestones: “Congratulations on reaching your {Award Interval} {Award Interval Category} {Award Category} {Recipient Name}”



Whether an automated award is a gift or a shoutout will dictate where the award is tracked (Gifts = Manage Gifting, Shoutouts = Manage Shoutouts).

Automated award reasons are system generated to create the award reason:

  • {Award Interval} - {Award Interval Type} {Award Category}

    • Example: 1 - [Year] Work Anniversary

    • Example: 2 - [Month] Onboarding Milestone

Records are created when awards are sent and are associated with the admin who created the award. This means that all automated gifts and shoutouts will appear in reporting with the admin as the sender of the award.

We recommend creating a new user for just sending automated awards if budgets are a concern.


Automated awards are currently tracked and added in leaderboards.

They will not influence leaderboards in the future!

Budgeting and Funding

All expenses from automated gifts are associated with the admin who created the award. We recommend creating a new user for just sending automated awards if budgets or tracking are a concern.

Automated awards funds are drawn from Team Funds. If the user has a budget by 'access to team funds', automated awards will use that budget first, then draw directly from the Team Funds when depleted.

Any cost center or individual spending limits will be ignored by the system when sending automated awards.

If the team balance does not have sufficient funds on the automated award date, awards will cease to send until the team balance is replenished. Awards that were not sent during this period will not be sent once the team balance has been refilled. (if you experience this issue, reach out to support for reprocessing).

Manager Notifications

Notifications to managers can be configured when setting up or editing the award. You may notify managers on the date of the event or a customizable number of days ahead of the event.

Make sure that you have accurate employee - manager relationships in your Guusto account. If the recipient does not have a corresponding manager on the team, no notification will be sent!

Recipient Data

Automated awards are reliant on complete and accurate Birth date and Start date data.

  • Work Anniversaries and Onboarding Milestones require a start date

  • Birthday awards require a birth date

All date based data must be entered in the YYYY-MM-DD format. All dates must include a year.

No birth year? No problem! You may enter a dummy birth year for all recipients (ie: 2000). We do not publicly display the birth year anywhere in the platform when sending automated awards.


Start Date

Birth Date



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