There are many ways to measure the effectiveness of a recognition program: employee performance reports, employee turnover rate, employee satisfaction surveys. 

If you have no surveys in place, you might want to start with a quick 3 question survey using Google Surveys. Create and send out your survey before implementing Guusto to get an understanding of how your employees feel about the current state of employee engagement. 

For example:

  1. Do you feel appreciated by your superiors for your contributions? 1 - 10
  2. Do you think the company needs to do more to recognize employees? 1 - 10
  3. How likely would you be to recommend a friend to work at our company?  1 - 10

After running a Guusto program for 6+ months, send out the same survey to your employees to see your company's improvement in employee engagement. You may also want to include a question to see how they like the Guusto system.

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