What do I do if my zip/postal code fails verification?
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If the customer-provided zip/postal code does not match the zip/postal code on file with the card issuer/bank, the customer will see an error message. If you have recently moved and were making a purchase with a credit card stored on your Guusto account, the charge may temporarily appear as pending on your statement before being removed.

There’s no option to edit a zip/postal code on a credit card, but it’s very simple to delete the credit card on your account and load a new one with the updated zip/postal code.

In the Guusto Mobile App, navigate to Settings > Credit Card and click “Edit” to be given the option to delete any cards, and “Add New Card” to load a new card.

In the Guusto Web Platform, navigate to Account Funds > Credit Card and click the “-” to delete a card, and “Add New Card” to load a new card.

If you’re still getting the zip/postal code error message when loading the new card, contact the issuing bank for your credit card to ensure they have a matching zip/postal code on your file.

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