How do I set up swag with Guusto?

Send company branded merchandise with AXOMO

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Please note: Swag is an Essential Tier feature. If you are interested in upgrading your account, please contact us to learn more.

Guusto offers swag and company branded merchandise with our partner, AXOMO.

AXOMO offers a wide selection of brands from Adidas, JanSport, Puma, and more.

AXOMO is a brand management platform that allows you to better engage with those who love your brand (employees, clients, members, followers), simplify ordering branded gear, maintain brand consistency, reduce waste, improve happiness, and increase ROI.

1. Visit the AXOMO website to book a demo and create an account.

You will create a company portal to customize your logo and storefront.

2. Contact your Customer Success Manager to add AXOMO as a merchant.

Add your AXOMO Store to the Guusto Team. You will need to email us the store, which is the prefix in the URL. For example, the {store} for is ‘guusto’. Once the Guusto team has added AXOMO, you will view the merchant in your Guusto Team account.

3. Send gifts for AXOMO

Employees can access an AXOMO login portal to use their Guusto Card, select merchandise, and order their company branded swag. All users receiving AXOMO cards will be automatically redirected to their AXOMO storefront. Upon clicking ‘View Gift Code’ in Guusto, the redeemer will be redirected to AXOMO. The gift code will be auto-populated into the form to either log in or create an account.

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