How-to guide to send a test gift

Can I test sending a gift? How can I test Guusto?

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If you do not have an account with Guusto, click here to send a test gift!

The instructions below are for users with existing Guusto accounts. You may create a free single user account to test the gift sending process within our platform.

Sending a test gift is a great way to see how the process for sending a gift works before you're ready to send a real gift.

1. Login to your Guusto account.

2. Navigate to the Send Gifts section.

3. Click the Send a Quick Test Gift option under the Resources section.

4. In the window that opens up, enter a quick message, Recipient Name and Email. Then, click the Send test gift button.

Ready to dive deeper?

You can close this Send a Quick Test Gift window to go through the full process of sending a test gift instead. For detailed instructions, please see How Do I send a Guusto Gift using the Web Platform.

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