Can I combine my gifts?

How-to combine Guusto gifts

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You are able to combine Guusto gifts of the same currency that have not yet been redeemed for a merchant gift card, and were not sent as a pre-selected merchant gift.

1. Login to your Guusto account.

2. Once you're on the Redeem Gifts page click Combine Gifts.

3. Select the gifts you would like to combine (only gifts that have not been redeemed with a merchant can be combined).

4. Click Confirm Combine.

5. Once you combine your gifts successfully, your newly created gift will appear on the Redeem Gifts page. The gifts that were used to create a new combined gift will go into the Used Gifts tab of your Redeem Gifts page. The used gifts will include the new reference number of the newly created gift!

6. You're now ready to redeem your gift or continue combining gifts as you receive them!

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