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Can I access my Guusto account after leaving my company?
Can I access my Guusto account after leaving my company?
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Here's what you need to know when you leave your company:

  • You will no longer be able to access your Guusto Team Member account. Essentially, that means you would not be able to select the Team Member Account from the drop down menu in the header bar on any page (Dashboard, Send Gifts, Manage Gifts, Account Funds, Shoutouts, Reports) to see associated Team Member data.

  • You can still login to Guusto anytime using the email and password on your account to access your Personal Account, where you can see any gifts you have received or any gifts you have sent with your own credit card. 

  • We strongly suggest changing the email address to one you will continue having access to under Account > Settings. This will confirm you continue to receive communication from Guusto, are able to receive verification codes and reset your password if needed in the future.

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