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Can I access my Guusto account after leaving my company?
Can I access my Guusto account after leaving my company?
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We strongly suggest changing the email address to one you will continue having access to prior to leaving your company, if possible. You can do so under Account > Settings. This will allow you to login independently following your departure. If you've already left, no need to worry, our team can help, see below!

If you lose access to the email on your account, because there is two factor authentication (2FA) on all Guusto accounts, you will be unable to login to your Guusto account.

In order to regain access, send an email to our team at [email protected] from the address you'd like your account updated to, with as much of the following information about the account as possible

  • Values and currency of gifts in the account

  • Sender names of the gifts in the account

  • Dates the gifts in the account were received

  • Reasons the gifts in the account were sent

The more information the better! If our team is able to verify the information provided, we can assist in resetting your account :D

Note: You will no longer be able to access your Guusto Team Member account. Essentially, that means you would not be able to select the Team Member Account from the drop down menu in the header bar on any page (Dashboard, Send Gifts, Manage Gifts, Account Funds, Shoutouts, Reports) to see associated Team Member data.

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