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To access the Manage Members page:

1. Navigate to Teams in the left sidebar menu

2. From the sub navigation menu, select Manage Members

If you are a Team Admin, or have the ability to Manage Members, you can view and edit the following information about your Team Members:


Active - Member is allowed to see and use their Team Member account. They may be given a budget to send gifts and/or access to make nominations through the Team.

Inactive - No access to send gifts or nominations through the Team. This will revoke access to the Team but will not affect access to the Personal Account. The user would still be able to access gifts claimed gifts to their account.


Set the access level for Team Members to grant access to specific Admin section features.

Note: The settings below provide access to various features in the admin section. By default, users added to a Team (Team Members) will NOT have access to any of the admin features listed below. Team Members do not need access to any of the sections below to send gifts or make nominations. Team Members will always have access to individual-level gift reports.

Admin: Admin with full access to manage the activity and configuration of each Team they are given admin rights to.

Manage Members: Member with ability to add/remove members from the team and adjust their rights.

Manage Funds: Member with insight into Team funds and the ability to assign budgets to team members.

Manage Gifting: Member with access to Team-level Gift Reports. Can approve, decline, or re-send gifts.

Settings: Member with access to Team Settings.


Manage Nominations: Member with access to only view Nominations reporting. Does not have access to approve or decline Nominations. Has ability to make a nomination draw.


Public Nominations: Member will have the ability to make public Nominations that will appear on the Dashboard Activity Feed of other team members. It's a great way to keep all team members in the loop on recognitions.

Public Gifts: Member will have the ability to make public gifts that will appear on the Dashboard Activity Feed of other team members.


Can Make Nominations: Member with the ability to Nominate others on the team.

Can Receive Nominations: Member will be able to receive nominations from others on the team.


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