As a Team Admin, you can edit preferences found under Teams > Settings:

  • Profile: Change the Team name and photo here. 
  • Gift Reason List: Create a list that aligns with the team drivers (e.g. values, goals). You can require that Team Members select a Reason when sending a gift. Reasons are tracked and insights can be found in your Team Reports.
  • Common Recipients: Upload a list of people who will likely receive gifts from Team Members. Their name and contact details will auto-populate on the delivery page, saving the gift sender some time.
  • Recipient Restrictions: Set team-wide restrictions on gift sending and claiming (e.g. gifts can only be sent to
  • Recipient Notes: These selected notes are not visible to recipients, but attached to each gift sent to help you track in reporting (e.g. business unit, employee #, cost centre, etc).
  • Notifications: When enabled, Team Admins and Members will receive an email to keep them in the loop about their account balances, gifts sent, nominations, etc.
  • Nomination Box: Activate or deactivate a Nomination Box for your Team Members. The Nomination Box is like a physical Nomination Box that you would keep in your office, where employees can nominate each other for exceptional work. Here, you can also select whether nominations need Admin approval and enter Reasons for nominations.


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