As a Team Admin, you can edit preferences found under Teams > Settings:

  • Profile: Configure the Team name, Default Message and the Bulletin Board.

  • Branding: Set up the branding for both the gifts you send and the platform itself.

  • Gift Reason: Create a list that aligns with the team drivers (e.g. values, goals). You can require that Team Members select a Reason when sending a gift. Reasons are tracked and insights can be found in your Team Reports.

  • Internal Notes: These selected notes are not visible to recipients, but attached to each gift sent to help you track in reporting (e.g. business unit, employee #, cost centre, etc).

  • Pre-loaded Recipients: Upload a list of people who will likely receive gifts from Team Members. Their name and contact details will auto-populate on the delivery page, saving the gift sender some time.

  • Restrictions: Set team-wide restrictions on gift sending and claiming (e.g. gifts can only be sent to

  • Merchants: Dictate which merchants can gift cards be redeemed at.

  • Notifications: When enabled, Team Admins and Members will receive an email to keep them in the loop about their account balances, gifts sent, nominations, etc.


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