Instead of redeeming your Guusto gift for a merchant gift card, you can donate the funds to any charity that accepts credit card donations.

1. Claim the gift as normal from your email/text notification

2. On the Web Platform, navigate to Redeem Gifts

3. Select the desired gift from the My Gifts page

4. Enter the value you would like to redeem and select Browse

5. Scroll the merchant list and select Donate to Charity

6. On the pop up menu, enter the URL of the charity you would like to donate to then select confirm

  • NOTE: In order to be processed, the chosen charity must take credit card donations

7. On the My Gifts page, select the gift 

8. You will be able to view your digital donation receipt here once we have received it from your chosen charity 

How do I redeem a Guusto gift?
Where can I redeem a Guusto gift?

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