It's critical that employees know why they should participate in your Nominations program, and when rewards will be given out (tip: the more frequent, the more effective). Here are some ideas on how to encourage your employees to engage with the Nomination Box:  

  • Daily gift to the nominee of the best nomination

  • Weekly draw for Nomination winner is rewarded

  • Monthly draw for Nomination winner is rewarded

  • Monthly award to employee with most nominations for each core value

  • Every nomination received is rewarded by their direct manager who has a Guusto budget for sending gifts

  • Every 3-5 nominations given is rewarded

You can choose one incentive above, but we typically see a combination of a few options to really drive engagement. And here are some great ideas for rewards: 

  • Guusto Gifts

  • Donation to a Charity of their choice 

  • Concert/Event Tickets 

  • Free Lunch or Breakfast 

  • Half-Day Friday 

  • Gift Basket 

  • Extra vacation day

  • Conference Tickets

  • Or, an entry into a large prize such as a vacation 

Unsure what would be the best fit for your Company? Take a vote and see what would motivate your employees the most, or contact us to discuss what has been effective for other clients.

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