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What is Guusto?
What is Guusto?

Who we are and what we do

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Guusto is the #1 highest rated employee recognition and customer rewards platform.

Don't leave culture to chance! When you encourage the right behaviour, your business thrives. We help HR Leaders instantly recognize great work to shape culture and boost engagement, performance and retention.

Stop losing great customers. When they feel appreciated, your business thrives.
We help Sales Professionals nurture their networks with rewards to engage prospects, customers, and partners.

It only takes a few minutes to get started and our gifts can be redeemed at ANY partner merchant (60,000+ in USA/CAN, and International Mastercards), so everyone gets something they actually value.

With web, mobile and offline solutions, no one is left out. Best in class tracking & reporting, provides full visibility into your program. Not to mention that 1 day of clean drinking water is donated for every gift sent!

There's no term contracts or minimums, unclaimed gifts are credited back in full, and we charge the merchants, so every dollar you spend on recognition actually makes it to your people!!

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