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How do I navigate & filter the Shoutouts Leaderboard?
How do I navigate & filter the Shoutouts Leaderboard?

Navigating the Nomination Leaderboard

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1. Click the Shoutouts tab **Note: Formally called the Nomination Box**

2. Select your desired team from the drop down menu at the top of the page

3. Click Received or Given to toggle between them

4. To further filter, select Filter

5. Apply any of the following filters:

  • By Date Range: Search by entering the desired date range

  • By Members: Search by entering the member's name

  • By Location: Search by location then select the desired location

  • By Department: Search by department name then select the desired department

6. Click Apply

7. To download the selected Leaderboard information to your computer, select Export from the 1) Leaderboard or from 2) Teams > Manage Shoutouts > Leaderboard page. Confirm the filters are set to the date range you are hoping to download!



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