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How do I make a Shoutout on behalf of someone else?
How do I make a Shoutout on behalf of someone else?

Individuals with special permissions can make Shoutouts on behalf of other team members

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To make a Shoutout on behalf of another person, you'll need to have been given access to 'Manage Shoutouts'. If this page is not available to you, please reach out to your program administrator to inquire about if you can get access to this page.

1. Log in to your Guusto account.

2. Select the desired Team in the team header drop down menu.

3. Select Teams > Manage Shoutouts in the navigation menu.

4. Select the Shoutouts tab within the Manage Shoutouts page.

5. Click the Send on Behalf button.

Fill out the Shoutout form:

6. Type the name of the sender and select the team member you are sending the Shoutout on behalf of.

7. Type a name in the Recipient name field. If the recipient is a Team member on your Guusto Team, their name will automatically appear in an auto fill list.

8. Select a Reason and enter a message.

9. (Optional) Type the name of the manager you would like to be notified. Suggest a gift amount (if available), and add an image (if available).

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