How to Manage Gifts
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The Order History page is like a command centre. It keeps track of all sent gifts and allows you to view the details of each gift. 

On this page, you can view:

  • Ref # is unique to each gift you send and allows you to search for a specific gift

  • Order # denotes which order the gift was included in

  • Order Date tells you when a gift was purchased

  • Sent Date tells you when a gift was sent to the recipient

Recipient / Claimed By / Sender

  • Recipient is who the gift was sent to.

  • Claimed By is the account that was claimed to.

  • Sender is the person who the sent the gift.

Value / Merchant / Message / Reason

  • Value is the dollar amount the gift was sent for.

  • Merchant is which merchant the gift was initially sent for. When the user redeems your gift for a particular merchant, you'll be able to see which one it was noted under the merchant it was sent for.

  • Message is the text you have included when you initially sent the gift.

  • Reason is the reason you've chosen when sending the gift. If you haven't chosen a reason, it will show as no reason.

Actions / Status

  • Actions, the three dots, is where you can make several changes to the gift, and also view it further.

    With View Gift, you can access the gift you've sent.
    With Resend, you can resend the gift, even to another email

    With Edit, you can make several edits to the gift

    With Cancel, you can cancel the gift and get refunded for the full amount

    With Print, you can print to give to your recipient

  • Status is where you can see whether your gift has been claimed or cancelled.


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